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Online Shopping – How much Customs Duty? – Most popular gifts for Xmas 2011

How to prepare so you pass the Border Services Officer Test

Customs Questions Anyone?

Importing alcohol to Canada – Personal Only

Importing a vehicle to Canada

10 Steps to Importing a vehicle from the US to Canada

Importing Works of Art

Importing goods you purchased – Personal goods you had shipped or perhaps purchased online

Basic guide to brokerage fees charged by couriers

Info for returning former residents

Moving  to Canada – Settler’s Effects

Links to other resources

How to find a customs broker

Canada customs limits or allowances (your personal exemption) – 9 facts you may not know about your personal exemption

Canada Customs Forms  – Some of the common ones.

How to become a Customs or Immigration Officer in Canada – Become a border services officer


How to import goods you have inherited to Canada


How to send Gifts to Canada duty and tax free



COMMERCIAL TOPICS – Customs Tariff and Tariff Classification


Duties and Taxes and Classification

Canada Customs Invoice – How to complete a commercial invoice for customs

Canada Customs Duty and Taxes Deferral Programs

Intro to Canada Customs Tariff Classification – Canada Customs Duty


The Harmonized System – Tariff Classification


Customs Tariff – Legal Notes and Explanatory Notes


General Rules Of Interpretation – Customs Tariff – Harmonized System


Canadian Interpretative Rules – Customs Tariff – Harmonized Code


Customs Tariff Chapter 99 Conditional or End Use


Tariff Rate Quotas – TRQ – Customs Tariff – Canada Customs Duty


Importing Goods to Canada for Charitable or Non Profit Organizations



My Rant March 14th 2011 – Social Media and Customs


My Rant April 3rd 2011 – Federal Election 41


My Rant Oct 23rd 2011 – Why I became a Customs Officer


My Rant Nov 16th 2011 – Whistleblowing and Risk Management