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Customs Law A blog about US Customs Law and International Trade Law by Lawrence Friedman

Global Tranz – A freight agent and freight broker transportation management company in the US

Trade lawyer’s Blog – by Cyndee Todham Cherniak a Trade Lawyer from Lang Michener in Canada. She knows all about the HST!

Pacific Customs Brokers Blog – A Brokerage Services Company for the US and Canada. Some good info on their blog.

Betterdollar – a great site for Canadian cross border shoppers!

Canada Magazine – an online magazine about Canada – some nice posts about Canadian immigration policies and regulations.

GHY International – An full service brokerage for Canada and the US – Lots of great info, resources and utilities on this site!

Super Cargo Pro – A social network dedicated to logistics people worldwide

Container Shipping Canada – A site that covers issues affecting the container shipping industry in Canada

Canucks Abroad – A site with information for Canadians living abroad and a great forum

Import a vehicle to Canada – lot of great info here on how to import your car, motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV and anything else considered a vehicle

If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know!